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August 23, 2011 admin Books on CD

Information can be transferred through any means these days. Gone are the days when it requires only paper work before you can get people informed or educated. These days, things have gone beyond what we had in times past.  Today, there is something called CD books. With CD books, there is no better way of getting people informed. You don’t need to hold books any more to get informed. You don’t even need to strain your eyes in order to know what the contents of a book are. The CD books see to your ability to get full information.

What are CD books?

These are actually CD (Compact Disk) into which the contents of a book are recorded.  The contents are not recorded in writings but vocally. This means that you will only need to listen to them instead of reading them like you would have done with ordinary books. With the aid of this kind of books, it becomes possible for you to get the whole content of a book without even straining the muscles in your hands in holding the books.  You can listen to it while you relax with a bottle of soft drink in the clasps of your hands.

Why the invention of CD Books?

CD books are invented for a purpose. The purpose ids to get those with visual impairment educated. The individual with visual impairment does not have the capability to read things in print. Since it becomes very essential for them to get educated about the same thing someone with eyes is educated, the CD books were invented. Since its inception in 1939 till date, it had gained a lot of popularity and acceptability. The books have been given different names. Some call it audio books, while some other sets of people call it talking books. Whichever name it is known by, the function is still the same.

How to get CD Books

There are several outlets that sell the CD books. Many of them are available online. You only need to make a search for them online and you wil come by many outlets from where you can come by such books.  There are also several audio books clubs where you can also borrow the CD books in case you are unable to pay the full amount to buy them. You will have to register as a member of the club before you will be allowed to borrow any of the materials. It is also possible for you to come by them in libraries. Schools for the blind all over the world should have such materials. You can visit them to lay your hands on some of these books


The CD books come in various languages. There are CD books in Portuguese and there are some other ones in French, German, English and even Spanish. With time, it is expected that more languages wil be included. This then will make it possible for people with visual impairment to learn what others are learning without any hindrance whatsoever with CD Books.


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